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It's finally Airing, kiddies!

10:48 am - It's finally Airing, kiddies!
I got an e-mail alerting me that they're finally airing the Ted BUndy documentary on the Biography Channel. Listen carefully. Tape it. It's on SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, at 11 PM. On the BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL. Did you hear that? Read it again. This is something you don't want to miss. And after that, we should all post and chat about what we think.

If I hear of any new documentaries, I'll tell you all.

Seriously, watch this! I will.

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Awesome, thanks! Coincidentally, today I was just telling my mom how I had taped it and went to watch it, only to see that my brother taped a football game over it. :(
Oh! That sucks! I'd be SO mad if that happened to me.
Ahh - I read this late --- is it repeating at all?
Oh, don't worry. I don't know if this is the one I'm talking about -- uh, long story. Anyway, this one didn't end up airing. I got the wrong e-mail and they actually decided NOT to air it. I don't know when it IS airing, but at least you didn't miss out on anything, right?